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Two years ago today ~ emo post

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mum’s death. I’ve been a wreck for 2 weeks and it started by feeling swallowed when an out-of-town friend called me and said they found cancer in her mom. I pushed it back for the length of the phone call, though I feel I was a bit too technical in discussing […]

Mum update – final

On November 20, 2006 at 8:30 p.m. my mum crossed to the other side. She got her wish to die at home. I still can’t breathe.

Mum update

Mum signed on to hospice today. There is a lot more to say, but I can type none of it. She will not be in pain. This is important. How much time she has left is unknown, but she wishes not to fight the cancer anymore. She’s had enough, and at the end of your […]

My mum ~ Language alert for those easily offended

I have inside of me a really long rant and rave about the care my mother has received, and alternately the continual brush-offs I’ve received in inquiring about certain meds she is getting that are overdone/overprescribed. Also, I kept getting questioned as to why she is listed as “full code”. This would be phrased to […]

Mum update – never brief

She was moved to “transitional care” on Tuesday. In about 12 hours time it was decided, I had to choose the site and the group of doctors to follow her as she uses her pulmologist as her PC and that is not allowed inside medical institutions. Um, thanks for the time to research.

Update on Mum

Biopsy positive for cancer, no surprise, no type yet as that will take a few days and really, after the brain tumor I’m not necessarily expecting a type to be found. the spot for biopsy was mid-back as that vertebra was quite dark on the MRI. The biopsy increased the pain a great deal and […]

Update on Mum, not reading most of lj and barely email – apologies

The cancer is back with my mum, in her spine per the MRI. Oncologist says very treatable and radiation will get rid of the pain (which is pretty horrendous from the expressions in my mum’s face), but since it cropped up once it will crop up again. He said she’ll still be here for the […]

No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

Sodium very low, vicodin screwing with her brain, too, right hip so bad couldn’t get out of bed. Were at ER 1 week ago for said hip, only prescribed Vicodin, lots of incomplete and missed messages between her doc and her – more vicodin – bad combo. Ambulance took her after freind and neighbor checked […]

Mum update – Free for 3 months! Woot!!!!!!

The lung, abdomen, and pelvis CTs were clear any nodules! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re still waiting for the estrogen receptor stain, results later today or Monday. But YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The longer it takes to show the less aggressive it is, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CTs repeated in 3 months and every 3 months for at least one year if they […]

When a test result is not – Mum update

All stains were done on the tumor tissue that could be done and all tested negative. Good news? Nope. The tissue was obvious that is was not of the brain, therefore it came from somewhere. Because of the nature of brain tumors the tissue doesn’t freeze well and sometimes you cannot get a good result. […]