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Witchcamp – 2012 – Watersong

Brook and Watersong were the music path facilitators. Brook has had a couple of hit singles and is well known in the Reclaiming community. He’s been around for a long time and he is very centered and grounded. He loves to tell stories and use his experiences to demonstrate what has worked for him. He […]

Witchcamp – 2012 – pathworking

 Ritual Music Priestessing was the official name of my path. Last offering of it was called soundscaping which is also accurate. I hadn’t paid much attention to the description of the path as I was not going to take it as was mentioned in my first witchcamp post. Ha! We did discuss theory, but it […]

Witchcamp 2012 – arrival

"I see your desire, sticky and sweet, Your eye shine, with Divinity."   Final song chant for last ritual in the story arc of Psyche and Eros. Created by Evelyn, a member of the Ritual Arc Team and a participant in the Ritual Music Priestessing path. This will be pertinent in a later post. =================================== […]