Update on Mum

Biopsy positive for cancer, no surprise, no type yet as that will take a few days and really, after the brain tumor I’m not necessarily expecting a type to be found. the spot for biopsy was mid-back as that vertebra was quite dark on the MRI. The biopsy increased the pain a great deal and today Mum was on a morphine pump so less pain, more loopey, but loopey is okay and the pain lessens though being so drives her nuts. I keep telling her since she knows how loopy she sounds that is proof she’s not yet lost her mind. Radiation therapy starts Friday. that is expected to eradicate all the cancer in her spine. What residual pain is left based on the deterioration of the affected vertebrae is yet to be known. she cannot be discharged until the pain is low enough to be handled with oral pain killers that would make her a lump in a chair.

We are just taking it one step at a time. My mum will indicate when enough is enough, but for now she wants the treatment. When the cancer pops up again she may well make a different choice. It is her choice to make, but that whole does sadden me a great deal. It makes you feel like a little kid again, where the thought of being around without your mum is just too terrible to contemplate.

Thank you {{{{{{{{{{everyone}}}}}}}}}}} for your thoughts, energy, prayers, and candles. they mean a great deal to me. Sorry I have responded individually. I’ve made these two posts on LJ, one comment, and 2 posts in a forum in the past few weeks and that has been a stretch. FIREFLY – thank you for your advice, no VNA in PA, but we do have home health agencies here, mum does have a wee bit of long term care insurance. I will need to speak to the social services department of the hospital and maybe the Area Agency on Aging if I don’t like the answers from social services.

11 comments on “Update on Mum

  1. let me know if there is anythign I can do to help.

  2. (((pjvj)))

    My thoughts are with both of you.

  3. ::HUGS YOU MUCHLY!:: You may want to talk to my X-Sister-In-Law. She had go with care and agencies and bears, oh my! (what an asspain) when her mother developed Alzheimers. Also, you may want to speak with my father since he delt with arrangements for nursing home care for his mother (AND he is a judge so could also help you with any legal questions.)

    See you tonight!

  4. You’re welcome. No VNA in PA? That’s weird. Agency on Aging sounds like a good resource. That’s the main thing, is to find the agencies that know how to work the system and are committed to helping people actually utilize what’s out there.

    I’m glad they are able to keep the pain at bay. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to you both.

  5. I’ll be keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts.
    {{{PJ and Mom}}}

  6. (((PJ and Mom))) You are in my thoughts all the time. I was so hoping it wasn’t this, damn it, though suspected that it was. You’ve got my email if you just need to offload, or give me a ring after 9pm here (that’s 10 there).

  7. {{{PJ}}} Hang in there, hon.


  8. *hugs*

    Take care. I am lighting some candles for you and mum.

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