Amoret BriarRose

On Waiting for Results
by Amoret BriarRose
Your bones know how to rise from the ash.
They will walk away, bloom again
as the scythe slips down the rock
and the embers call for the falling black.
The fluttering you call fear?
That’s the phoenix,
building his nest in your ribcage.
When he asks for tinder,
remember:  nothing is too precious
to burn in this fire.


photo (2)

I am a Feri Witch who works the energy through a Reclaiming framework. Originally from Chicago,  my home is now Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I am a piece of a growing coven and work in  partnership with Boneweaver in the Bone and Briar line of Reclaiming/Feri. (Look to our Beliefs,  Mission and Desires statement for more information about our particular views on Reclaiming/Feri,  classes, initiations, etc.)

My passions include:  the search for Truth and Desire, co-creation and manifestation, ecstatic ritual,  poetry, divination and the power of good reading material. I am experienced in leadership training,  small group facilitation, tarot, trance techniques, and ritual arts.

I believe at the core of my being that transformation can be blissful if we surrender to it. It is my  privilege to tempt seekers to their transformations.

I specialize in:

– Community building
– Magical training
– Officiating sacred rites
– Ritual creation (personal and public)
– Spiritual exploration and mentoring
– Tarot and divination training

– Initiated in the Reclaiming Tradition: 2010
– Initiated in the Feri Tradition: 2012

If you are being called to your Self…if you are being tempted to Transformation…let’s find your path together.

3 comments on “Amoret BriarRose

  1. This IS VERY Beautiful Amoret BriarRose ! – The Words Go Much Deeper than the Litterarry Visual ! – YOU have a Beautiful Gift – Sweet Lady – Huggs

  2. We spoke over email when I was 16 or 17 and I was seeking info before my initiation into the Feri Tradition. Well, I’m 18 now and I would like to proceed with official training if you would please contact me.

    • Dallas, good to hear from you. If you are still interested in getting training, please send an email to me and my working partner, Boneweaver, at thewitches@boneandbriar.com – let us know what you have been working on magically, your interests, etc. so we can begin a conversation. ~Amoret

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