No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

Sodium very low, vicodin screwing with her brain, too, right hip so bad couldn’t get out of bed. Were at ER 1 week ago for said hip, only prescribed Vicodin, lots of incomplete and missed messages between her doc and her – more vicodin – bad combo. Ambulance took her after freind and neighbor checked on her when my daughter could not get ahold of her. Worked 10-9, then to hospital, now home. Actually it is 12:20, but backdated the entry for push-ups. Will make them up, but not today.

Need to fix her hip and find a way to control sodium loss. Fuck. Just fuck. May be sciatica with the hip, but who knows. Sounded slightly better with saline IV-ing into her. Really upped the stress level. Fuck.

8 comments on “No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

  1. Shit – sorry to hear, Pamela. Bless.

    {{{ }}}

  2. {{{{{PJ’s Mom & PJ & Entire PJ Family}}}}} I’m so sorry to hear about this and I hope that the doctors can resolve it quickly and painlessly for your Mom.

  3. What’s causing the sodium flushing? That’s scary.

    I’ll move her to top ten on the worry list again.

  4. Take care of your mom and yourself. Worry about push-ups another time.

  5. oh i’m sorry

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