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No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

Sodium very low, vicodin screwing with her brain, too, right hip so bad couldn’t get out of bed. Were at ER 1 week ago for said hip, only prescribed Vicodin, lots of incomplete and missed messages between her doc and her – more vicodin – bad combo. Ambulance took her after freind and neighbor checked […]

Mum update – Free for 3 months! Woot!!!!!!

The lung, abdomen, and pelvis CTs were clear any nodules! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re still waiting for the estrogen receptor stain, results later today or Monday. But YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The longer it takes to show the less aggressive it is, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CTs repeated in 3 months and every 3 months for at least one year if they […]

When a test result is not – Mum update

All stains were done on the tumor tissue that could be done and all tested negative. Good news? Nope. The tissue was obvious that is was not of the brain, therefore it came from somewhere. Because of the nature of brain tumors the tissue doesn’t freeze well and sometimes you cannot get a good result. […]

Candles, energy, healing magic, incense, virigins in volcanos – for my mum, please

My daughter says she will never go to a doctor on Thursdays – Thursdays are now bad for doctors in her mind. Last Thursday I got my diagnosis. This Thursday I was supposed to get my MRI, but did not because I canceled it until next Thursday (oops – bad move). My mum has been […]