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Does checking Facebook count as Daily Practice?

Sure it does. It may however not count as Daily Spiritual Practice (DSP). Perhaps it depends on who shows up on your newsfeed there. I have some pretty decent friends who post some wondrously deep articles, graphics and posts. Farming them out of the humongous heap of political angst and LOLcats can be a bit […]

Protected: Lovely thing about being human; one is never too old nor too experienced to botch things up

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My Job

It’s funny sometimes how the most innocent looking exchanges trigger the most amazing realizations. A stranger (to me) on Facebook posted to a friend’s status bitching: "I really hate it when someone tries to find an upside to lousy things" which was my post he was referring to in the string, because you know – […]

More than 4 years ago

Estara T’Shirai read, worked the exercises, and reviewed "Goddess Initiations" by   Francesca De Grandis. She gave it a decent nod, so I am starting it. It is a "takes a year" book and and is pulled from the tradition of The Third Road®. The book appears to make it "any user" friendly, perhaps a little […]