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I was going to title this “The Shadow Work Begins” But this year the Shadows have come early

Be Silent. To be silent. Ssshhhhh ….. I had written in a previous blog post (the sticky feet one) about this year’s shadow Work in the dark part of the year. This is what I wrote: "As the Wheel begins to turn to the dark part of the year I have tasked myself with 1) […]

Eggshell Walking and Sticky Feet

We’ve done it and we’ve had it done around us. When someone is particularly prickly and either we are ill equipped to deal with it or simply not feeling up to dealing with it we "walk on eggshells". I was talking to The Daughter this morning about the upcoming vacation and her SO. I’ve been […]

When it hurts so much and you cannot stop it (part ll)

 (A needed clarification.) A comment on my blog in response to the first post with this title referenced "making new blankets". I replied: "The new blankets are being created, but the exposed parts waiting for the finished *cough* product are a bit …… fragile. And I hate saying that. Feeling that. Exposing the fragile bits of […]

When it hurts so much and you cannot stop it

 The shaking down of my life and relationships is so hard from doing this work. It's not that I ever thought it would be easy and Gods know I likely would have rejected it had it been, right or wrong as that may be. At points of the shakedown like what has occurred recently I […]

Releasing resentments

 Coven work last night was about letting go of resentments being held so tightly they become embedded in the soul. At least, that’s how mine were and it was my request to do this work. I was holding them, oh yes oh my, stacked up to my nose they were, making it difficult for me […]

December’s work

 Usually I sort whatever work was achieved at coven in the back of my brain on the ride home (or hour afterward if we were here) and things sift to the surface with clarity. But it was enough of chore just driving at night with the Headache. (I promise next time to cancel and not […]

Update – not much that can be put on paper or in pixels

 Life is good! I’ve not been verbal much anywhere online (even FB I’ve shared some graphics and minor stuff, but a big drop there, too) including here at DW and on LJ. Change continues to occur at an alarming rate while I appear to be easing through my life. *grin* It is the dark part […]

My working pentacle design

 Done tongue-in-cheek and yet serious, I created it yesterday. Anyone who has struggled with being a "peacekeeper" or a "fixer" will be able to identify with this. If you’re familiar with running the energy of the Iron Pentacle – well here ya go! A friend is blogging about this. If she allows linking to the […]

Wrapping up the Shadow Work (*knocks wood, spins 3 times, spits*)

Not that I am superstitious, but the last several times I said I was Done, I got slapped pretty hard by the Universe. I am therefore claiming a wrap-up with the caveat that whatever still needs to be revisited will be at whatever point in time it makes itself known. There. Nice and tidy. *hides […]