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Bone and Briar Biographies

Bone and Briar is a collaboration between two priestesses to hold classes and workshops for increasing personal power to manifcore desires while building healthy community in the Pittsburgh area. Our backgrounds are similar yet we have a shared intimate crossroad that brought us together to do Work. We meet to deepen our practice about 3 times a month with electronic communication in between. This has woven our futures (at least for the foreseeable future) into a sort of braid.

We strive for relevance, honesty, integrity, and the free flow of energy that shifts this reality to open the road to having everything we dream. We honor truth telling, joy, sorrow, and laughter. We bring our best selves in that moment to each and every encounter and we look to others to do the same. We foster cooperation and interconnection and we welcome all faiths, genders, races, and ethnicities. As the classes are (at this time) held in a private home they are not handicapped accessible.


Briar aka Amoret: Spiritual Midwife, Itinerant Priestess, a Phoenix Flame and a Siren Song. An initiate of both Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions, she has been studying, working and facilitating in the Reclaiming tradition since 2000. Amoret’s passions include writing, community building, co-creation and manifestation, ecstatic ritual, divination and prophecy work. Amoret believes that transformation can be blissful if we surrender to the process. It is her privilege and calling to tempt seekers to their transformations.

Bone aka Boneweaver: Boneweaver is a Reclaiming initiate and a Feri initiate of the Victor Anderson path through the Starhawk line. She partners with Amoret in the Bone and Briar line of the Reclaiming/Feri tradition in Pittsburgh, PA. Boneweaver has been in a variety of leading and teaching roles within the Pittsburgh Pagan community for about a decade. Once an optician by trade, always an artist by desire. She works the edges between life and death and shadow work calls her (sometimes calling her Silly Names). She values a sense of humour and a sense of purpose and seeks those who are seeking her.

email: thewitches@boneandbriar.com

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