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Releasing resentments

 Coven work last night was about letting go of resentments being held so tightly they become embedded in the soul. At least, that’s how mine were and it was my request to do this work. I was holding them, oh yes oh my, stacked up to my nose they were, making it difficult for me to breathe to say nothing of clogging up the people around me.


Trance, replica images, pouring of golden light for clearing, remembering. The important part always is the remembering. Because we know. We always always know. We’ve learned this before, we’ve worked it before. It is part and parcel of choosing to tramp through this world as a human. We know humans are a mix of good and not-so-good. We know that people always are doing the best that they can at any given moment. And in some of those moments we feel they fall so very short of our expectations. That right there is the hook. The thing that keeps us in resentment. The forgetting.  It is our expectations that have not been met. Not theirs. Our distress comes from what is in us, not from what is in them.


So. Letting go of resentment always means letting go of our expectations for others and returning our focus to where it should it be. To us, the only person we have control over. Forgetting that causes unrest and distress. We bring ourselves back to now, this moment. The only time we have control over. When we’ve returned our focus, our attention, our Self back to where it should be an amazing thing happens:


Resentments fall away as easily as maple leaves from branches in Autumn. 


We can observe them carpeting the ground around us. And we can rake them away and dispose of them allowing them to compost and become useful in their changed state. When we release our resentments we also allow ourselves to see other people as they are, as they always were. This is a very good thing.


And yet again – All is Well, As It Always Is.

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