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December’s work

 Usually I sort whatever work was achieved at coven in the back of my brain on the ride home (or hour afterward if we were here) and things sift to the surface with clarity. But it was enough of chore just driving at night with the Headache. (I promise next time to cancel and not worry about the DM I felt it would be.)

Anyhow, this is what I remember …. um …. anger and how we choose to deal with it in Self and others. Remember not to take on others’ anger ~ it’s theirs, let them have it, you don’t need it or do you need to "fix" it. 
And being stewards of our own self care. Which brought me to this from Diana’s Grove:
To own: to possess, to have and hold property. To have command of… To Steward: to be a guardian; a Steward is one who is employed to take care of…
Aside from the obvious responsibility of being a guardian, a Steward is employed to do a job. What if taking care of yourself – your body, soul, talent, time, and energy was your job? There is an implication that you are accountable to some higher being for this charge.
How would your life change if, you did not own yourself but were the steward of your body, talent, time and soul? As steward, what changes would you make? What priorities would shift? If… If you were the Steward of Yourself…
So December’s work. Interesting. 

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