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Update – not much that can be put on paper or in pixels

 Life is good! I’ve not been verbal much anywhere online (even FB I’ve shared some graphics and minor stuff, but a big drop there, too) including here at DW and on LJ. Change continues to occur at an alarming rate while I appear to be easing through my life. *grin*

It is the dark part of the year and as I journey through I pull the good results from last year’s Shadow Work to ease some of this year’s rougher spots. Overall I am in a more settled place and upon reflection in a much more open and connected place. The calm in my core has grown. The pulling in the bones has deepened. The richness of each day is far more available to me.

Physically – after the crazy ass stuff through late spring and summer most of that has been made reasonable. The neck and I still have a hate/hate relationship though it’s never gotten as bad as it was a year ago. The back tightens, but the stretches relieve. The right knee decided I’d forgotten it’s lack of flexibility and I needed a reminder (no, knee, I remember – you’ve been a PITA since I was 17, got it.) The hip thing I did 6-9 months ago still plagues me, but I do believe it is finally lessening and I am certain I’ve convinced it that it shall be well. *laughs*

So yes. Life is lovely overall and the shifting continues. Huzzah!

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