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Hail the Traveler! Papa Jones you were thoroughly loved and you shall be missed.

It’s been a long road for my F-I-L. From the moment of diagnosis in June with prostate cancer, to the test results of it being also in his bones he’d voiced a desire to die "now". Numerous times he spoke of how lucky he was, how what a good life he’d had, how great his […]

Where is it OK to out spiritual Kin?

Oh that’s right. Nowhere. NoFuckingWhere. Real name, RL workplace ….. outing without permission. Saying it is "ok" based on a claim of a blog post that is a dead link as proof. Nice. <——- There is a blue stream circling my head right now. What you get, is "nice". Hear it in the most disdainful dripping […]

Graceful morning

The dawn was so lovely this morning. Deep pinks fading to light on the horizon. I’m not very big into the pink except when it stealth creeps up on a dawn that knows it is supposed to still be Winter, but desires very much to be Spring. Such was the dawn this morning. I inhaled the […]

There is a post titled “Two Things”. This is not it.

There are Two Things that are remnants from the childhood sexual abuse that are apparently never going to go away. Part of my current Work will be to find a way to accept them and live with them rather than be in constant battle with them that leaves me exhausted and unchanged. That will be […]

I have an ache. It is in my soul. (Revelations of the Shadow Work)

I miss my male friends from before I was married. Some (one) hung around for a bit after the marriage. They drifted, they moved, they felt weird after I married – many reasons, all of them valid and none of them (except one) True. Life is. I miss them dearly right now. In particular I […]