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If you’d been in my head this weekend you would have run away screaming

…. and I believe I did exactly that with the screams being open-mouthed yet silent. I mentioned in a blog post from mid-December that I would return to talking about dissociation (among other things) and that was the intent with this post. I cannot. It is near, still partially swirling/screeching to be written, but locked in my […]

I refuse to wear shoes

Winter annoys me. I am fairly certain I annoy Winter, too. We are not friends. We are not even cordial acquaintances. We sometimes, barely, nod at each in passing while breathing hate in each other’s direction hoping for a quick demise. Thus far every season Winter has won, but so have I because I Am Still Here, […]

So … The Shadow Work done, the Work of the light part of the year has begun

And tenderness is the "new" thing. Not simply inviting it into my life, but (OMGs!) actually being tender because (surprise! Surprise!) if you are such and open with it – people respond. Go figure! In one arena I needed to ask for tenderness and that is okay because sometimes mind-reading is not only overrated, but […]

Wrapping up the Shadow Work (*knocks wood, spins 3 times, spits*)

Not that I am superstitious, but the last several times I said I was Done, I got slapped pretty hard by the Universe. I am therefore claiming a wrap-up with the caveat that whatever still needs to be revisited will be at whatever point in time it makes itself known. There. Nice and tidy. *hides […]