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Graceful morning

The dawn was so lovely this morning. Deep pinks fading to light on the horizon. I’m not very big into the pink except when it stealth creeps up on a dawn that knows it is supposed to still be Winter, but desires very much to be Spring. Such was the dawn this morning. I inhaled the beauty of it, let the calm settle and went about the usual morning routine.

Somewhere between the first cup of coffee, the dog going outside, and the usual, "Dog goes out, does business, comes back in, gets treat," (Cat also gets treat for dog going out because, well, he is Cat) I must have breathed back out and lost the dawn. While checking my email and of course FB a half an hour later I was yawning as if I’d only just arisen and whinging about Monday. Annoyed myself with that, I did.

I pulled back and breathed in the memory of this dawn and listened to the silence. I do very much adore the loud silence of morning. Upstairs I went to do my morning stretching, routine set I move to the task. I pulled out the yoga mat and smoothed it on the floor.  I chose the incense and dropped a smidge of oil on it, lit it and carried it into the room. Through light blue drapes hung for filtering and not for privacy, sunlight stretched across my ancestor altar and up the wall.

Usually there is music. Always there is music. Routine, you see. I can tolerate routine in small doses. It keeps me doing what I should be doing even when I’m yawning and wishing not to. Today I didn’t turn on the music. Down onto the mat, repeating patterns I now move through without conscious thought. I breathed and heard pink. I stretched it and pulled it and made it a part of me. Music made with silence and color only I relaxed into my day.

Hail Monday! 

May your day, too, be filled with pink. *smiles*

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