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Where is it OK to out spiritual Kin?

Oh that’s right. Nowhere. NoFuckingWhere. Real name, RL workplace ….. outing without permission. Saying it is "ok" based on a claim of a blog post that is a dead link as proof.

Nice. <——- There is a blue stream circling my head right now. What you get, is "nice". Hear it in the most disdainful dripping with derision tone of voice the far reaches of your imagination can muster. Then know that you are nowhere close to the tone of the blue stream.

A friend of mine says, "Some Pagans believe in the 3-fold return. For us Feris, it is 10-fold." I’ve yet to see proof of this, but we do not always Get to See. From her lips to the Gods’ ears, so mote it be. May "Storm" be just Feri enough for 10 fold.

And now: plan, stroke, light, blow. Always happy to assist the Universe. *nod*

Details here.

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