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“Busy, busy, busy!” said in the magician’s voice from Frosty the Snowman

 This past weekend was another trip to Baltimore for a spiritual intensive. The focus in this one was the Black Heart of Innocence. It is a testament to the quality of my covenmates that when one of them taught the black heart to me it stuck in a way that will never leave me and an individual sentence reverberated truth and was so straight forward that I will use it in my teachings. I’d post it here, but w/o context of the black heart work it wouldn’t make much sense.

The intensive I went to was more on the softer side of the BHoI. Not in a bad way just in a larger group, mixed levels of experience, and some new and newer people there which changes the energy a bit. I traveled with one of my covenmates and we had a good time with points of growth opened for both of us. The people down there are sane and wonderful to work with so the lack of sleep and days recovery time were more than worth it. I felt truly honored to be invited to participate in this work. 

Here at home we’re going to work The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte in coven this year. That should be fabulous! I ordered the ebook of The Fire Starter sessions and I expect fabulous stuff there, also. I’m still committed to making art and I’ll be fabric and bead shopping soon to create a piece that deals with the black heart as it relates to me. 

Still working, part-time barely. Recommitting to treating my body better so it will last me in veritable health through the waning years. I’ve begun that by listening to it again and giving it what it needs. Which is giving me what I need. Sleeping when the body says to. Eating when the body cues me. My body’s schedule of the schedule of society or convenience. I didn’t realize how far off kilter I’d gone until this past weekend. Returning to center. 

Lora and I will be teaching a weekend intensive this Spring. I’ll give details as we’re closer.

So. Busy.

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