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8th Annual CyberSpace (Silent) Poetry Slam! 2013

WHAT: Bloggers’ Silent Poetry Reading

WHEN: Anytime tomorrow, February 2 (or today February 1st!)

WHERE: Your Blog

WHY: To celebrate Imbolc, the Feast of Brigid, or, if you prefer, Groundhog Day.

HOW: Post a poem, one of yours or someone else’s, on your blog, anytime February 2. If you do, link back here in the comments (or on the Facebook page if you like), so we can keep track of the web. This gets bigger and bigger every year.

My contribution:


Hard to think Spring
with snow and wind chill.
Fires do burn
within us and without,
flames of inspiration
searing bones
and pen tips
and eyelashes.
Words flow from the Well
while fires gird loins.
We Are Creator.

Blessed Brigid.

~Pamela V Jones Feb. 2013

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