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New day, old leaf!

 There are some struggles that I never seem to overcome. I fall into the trap of trying to puzzle out the reasoning for why someone acts a certain way even though I know 1) It’s none of my business and 2) It’s none of my business. I can only know my own motivations and never really […]

A repost of a repost

 Because of the fallout from the Oscars and MacFarlane and the Onion and this happening to me on one of my threads on Facebook (by a woman. who I don’t know.) I decided it should show up again. So here it is, the post on gaslighting. A Message To Women From A Man: You Are […]

Hierarchy and non-hierarchy in religions

It’s interesting how various faiths sort it out and how people are drawn to one or another. I’m not good at hierarchal groups. Part of that is at times I still have trouble squashing the auto-rebel that lives in me. Part is that the organizations I have been in that are hierarchal tend to do […]

Spiritual Bootcamp details! April; Pittsburgh

 Nettles to Nirvana: A Personal Practice Bootcamp – April 12-14, 2013 Many advocates of having a personal practice will smile serenely and say a practice will give you balance, personal peace, and enough Zen to cover your house. Yay for Zen wallpaper! We will tell you that having an effective personal practice means reaching to […]

Save the Date: April 12-14, 2013 for a Spring Spiritual Intensive, Pittsburgh, PA

Save the date: April 12-13-14, 2013 for a Spring spiritual intensive to jump start your personal practice!    Many advocates of having a personal practice will smile serenely and tell you this means you will have balance, personal peace, and enough zen to cover your house. Yay for zen wallpaper!   We will tell you […]

The Art of Redefining the Indefinable

I enjoy Anne Hill. I don’t know that anyone else would be able to unpack a phrase as loaded as “the art of changing consciousness at will” in such a sane manner. But she has, and has also determined that magic is a way of living, on top of being a right-good paradox, and I do agree, […]

To Know

Today, I want to feel that I’m blossoming. “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.” ~ Danielle LaPorte, from “Session 3: The Strategy of Desire,” The Fire Starter Sessions So how […]

Spring spiritual intensive planning

Boiling down years of work of trying this and this into a weekend of useful effective tools and techniques requires a lot of thinking. Pulling out "things that worked for me" from the "things that usually work for all" is an exercise in self-reflection. Amoret and I have good solid plan and are filling in […]


“Quit resisting your greater good…Dare to trust the bigger plan. Open your heart wider. Allow grace to flow through you and out into service. You were not put here to be cowed by circumstance.” ~ Cash Peters

Sit with these thoughts for awhile

 On another journal a discussion was rounding out about crime and people committing them being more rather than less poor, younger rather than older, non-white rather than white, etc. One commenter rather eloquently spoke about it. I wanted to share it because I believe it is worth reading and just sitting with it for a […]