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Still laughing

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When it hurts so much and you cannot stop it (part ll)

 (A needed clarification.) A comment on my blog in response to the first post with this title referenced "making new blankets". I replied: "The new blankets are being created, but the exposed parts waiting for the finished *cough* product are a bit …… fragile. And I hate saying that. Feeling that. Exposing the fragile bits of […]

When it hurts so much and you cannot stop it

 The shaking down of my life and relationships is so hard from doing this work. It's not that I ever thought it would be easy and Gods know I likely would have rejected it had it been, right or wrong as that may be. At points of the shakedown like what has occurred recently I […]

I was given a book tonight

“The Art and Adventure of Beekeeping” by Ormond and Harry Aebi. I will not be a beekeeper. That is not the purpose. The purpose is to not shudder at the mention of bees. I am allergic. Absolutely to yellow jackets which are actually wasps. Possibly to honeybees, but I do not have that as clear […]

Where I’ve been – not dead

 (Merely sporting the death warmed over look that MontiLee so adores painting her characters in. Online long enough to post this, then I’ll not be posting again until I’m a bit better. Hope all is well with all of you and if I’ve missed important news you’d like me to know please post it to […]

New Year. Well, yes and no

 I was going to do a 2011 recap and plot for 2012, but I keep writing parts of it in my head and then I write something else, and then …. blerg. So, bullet points – yay! 2011 big changes, small changes, lots of changes no matter how I try to Be Done, childhood sexual […]