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December’s work

 Usually I sort whatever work was achieved at coven in the back of my brain on the ride home (or hour afterward if we were here) and things sift to the surface with clarity. But it was enough of chore just driving at night with the Headache. (I promise next time to cancel and not […]

Oh dark year and shadow work – how I’ve missed thee

 Or not. Regardless, here ya go: Intermittent Childhood Floats on Lily-of-the-Valley Fumes Last night, tonight, everysinglenight, I slip in the bedroom door, and the scent curls around me, flicking my nose, my forebrain. Stirrings shift and purr, youth leaps from age 3 to 8 no memories in between, then slides again from 8 to 14. […]

It was 5 years ago today

November 20, 2006 is the day that my mum died. The way time warbles around that event is so strange. Now and then a sharp pang as if it were recent and other times it seems remote and far away, almost as if someone else lost their mum. Yet she isn’t here so I know […]

I thought I was losing my mind today ….

I found it, though. :P~ I got this crazy idea that the entire house should be cleaned to its gills all at once. My definition of "all at once"= the whole thing in 4 days. Seeing as how Tues and Weds were fairly well booked that left Monday and Thursday. But it is clean up […]

In honor of the upcoming holiday season

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Scandal at PSU – a poem

 Scandal at PSU   My heart tires, fury leeching from my bones into words with poisonous tips, stabbing pixels, housemates; JoePa’s peeps rally ’round "He’s like my grandpa! Let him be!"   As now grown men twitch in the night, memory wisps of tiny hands pressed flat to tile or face to mattress as pain […]

Update – not much that can be put on paper or in pixels

 Life is good! I’ve not been verbal much anywhere online (even FB I’ve shared some graphics and minor stuff, but a big drop there, too) including here at DW and on LJ. Change continues to occur at an alarming rate while I appear to be easing through my life. *grin* It is the dark part […]