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Settling, settling, as Mysteries unfold

 Like a heavy yet familiar blanket Samhain has settled on me. Set to the side is the *bounce bounce bounce* energy of the last few weeks. One foot here and one foot there I shall remain for a bit. It continues to surprise me how well suited I am to this energy, this dark yet […]

Morning Thought

You need no permission to love and be loved. You are breathing. It is enough. ~Amoret

My working pentacle design

 Done tongue-in-cheek and yet serious, I created it yesterday. Anyone who has struggled with being a "peacekeeper" or a "fixer" will be able to identify with this. If you’re familiar with running the energy of the Iron Pentacle – well here ya go! A friend is blogging about this. If she allows linking to the […]

When international rhetoric turns to come home

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Earliest art supplies

 WASHINGTON (AP) — Researchers in South Africa have discovered what may have been the world’s earliest artist’s studio. A 100,000-year-old workshop used to mix and store the reddish pigment ochre has been discovered in Blombos Cave on the rugged southern coast near Cape Town. At the same site, scientists have found some of the earliest sharp stone tools, as […]

From birth to marriage – in song

I don’t have good words for describing the wedding right now except to say it was exactly as it should be. There were no hitches and glitches of any magnitude and the wee ones that occurred fell away easily against the bounty of love flowing between the bride and groom and those who love them. […]