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I thought I was losing my mind today ….

I found it, though. :P~ I got this crazy idea that the entire house should be cleaned to its gills all at once. My definition of "all at once"= the whole thing in 4 days. Seeing as how Tues and Weds were fairly well booked that left Monday and Thursday. But it is clean up and down, kinda sorta all at once. Pity it won’t stay that way.

It’s the time of year to bake Yule cookies. I’m a bit baked out from the wedding so I’m trimming the kinds and just doing large batches. The usual suspects that are year round ones will be done. Roll outs must be done because I love them. So, rolling the dough is always an issue for me. Supposedly the marble rolling pin gifted to me years ago would be the answer and never was. The dough sticks. I am uneven roller. ~whine whine whine~ I’ve decided to revert to the wooden pin. I bought new covers and a pastry board to get rid of the sticking problem. I also discovered there exists rubber rings to put on the pin that make it near impossible to roll dough unevenly. I am actually looking forward to them now!

Except for the fact that I have to complete them by the 18th when I’m having the family over for Solstice. The mean calendar shows Thanksgiving is next week. WTH, calendar! Stop that! I am gobsmacked at how soon it will be 2012.

Still haven’t finished sorting items for the boxes going to Chicago. Everything is taking longer to complete than I expect it to and that is a bit irritating, but I smooth over the irritation and just keep plugging along. Eventually (I tell myself) it will get finished. xxxxfingersxxxx

One last chapter in that hideously named book we started in coven in January and that work will be done. Between that and all the other stuff it’s been a good and transformative year. We’ve chosen the next work to weave through our coming year. Plus, Lora and I will begin teaching our Reclaiming/Feri classes sometime in January.

Life is full and full of Joy.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. ~ Julian of Norwich

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