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Brief update

 Vacation was lovely and needed. I was "under the weather" for most of it, but as I told my family, "better to be under-the-weather at the beach than at home." Yes we think we know what the health issue is, no I’m not dying, no I’m not saying until all testing is over. Likely will […]

Protected: Why we come to Fenwick

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 Some rights reserved by xsphotos cashmere morning mist dusted bronze haystack bathed in white light, liquid sky  Some rights reserved by Fungman white willow, woodsmoke bittersweet winter oak sighs gray earth, gray morning ~Amoret

Oh How I LOLed

Trace your fingers around the edges of my soul like lover’s hands around my breasts

Stand, arms outstretched, just behind me. Chin tilt and eyes to infinity, drop drop drop through your core through the ground, releasing, renewing. Then drawing back up – feet, legs, groin, core, heart, throat, head and crown. Lift through blue sky and clouds to your star. Feel the flow up and down and down and […]

Protected: The Perfect Moment

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Thank you for being you

It’s a phrase I use on occasion, "Thank you for being you," or some close variation of that. It sounds kind of cheesy and trite yet it is not. Good and kind people are not as few and far between as one might think if we judge only by the news we get fed on […]

Courage ~ I haz it?

Courage. Seven letters in a particular order that I’ve never been able to own. I can own parts of it. I can own "rage" and "cage" and "race" and "gear". "Gore" and "care" and even "grace". I could go on, but you get the point. I’ve been told many times throughout this life that I […]