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Trace your fingers around the edges of my soul like lover’s hands around my breasts

Stand, arms outstretched, just behind me. Chin tilt and eyes to infinity, drop drop drop through your core through the ground, releasing, renewing. Then drawing back up – feet, legs, groin, core, heart, throat, head and crown.

Lift through blue sky and clouds to your star. Feel the flow up and down and down and up, circling circling, looping endlessly.

[Pull to Sex – the seat of creation, the beginning of All – reach for it and glow.

Push to Passion – that which inspires you and moves you – brighten the light.

Pull to Power – what strengthens you – pulse it and

Send it sideways to Self – who you are when you are no more than "just you" –

Slide to Pride – what drives you to act – grow it and return it to Sex.]*

Lace your fingers through mine and send the energy, rolling with it. Feel the acceleration as I send it back, twirling through your Five points, the Ten of them becoming more than twice as bright. Two become more than the sum while always  making One.

Twirl it and spin it, lace it ’round you and me, feel the depth and breadth of force of Will. Twist it, spiral it and send it up up up to release.

Let go my hands, step back and as I turn to face you, arms at side, breathe and remember.

(*This is a flip IP, the way I learned it, compared to some others I’ve seen.)

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