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Brief update

 Vacation was lovely and needed. I was "under the weather" for most of it, but as I told my family, "better to be under-the-weather at the beach than at home." Yes we think we know what the health issue is, no I’m not dying, no I’m not saying until all testing is over. Likely will be one more thing tossed into the category of "So sorry, live with the pain." <—— this is why I so infrequently go to doctors. Just sayin’. Am very fatigued, but am expecting that to pass as I learn to block this as I’ve learned to do with so many other things – being ‘present’ is not all it is cracked up to be. :P~

We hit the book store the first full day of vacation as is a custom created in my youth. As I had my recently purchased Nook with me I was already set. Am creating a Stephen King fan in the grandboy. (I am TOO a good influence!) And techie girl here left her techie bag on the family room floor so I was without the laptop, a paper book, and a sheet of daily practices which I’d wanted to fine tune. Eh, not a biggie as my phone charger fit my Nook, which the boy’s girlfriend noticed, so "Yay, Maura!"

The grandboy did well until Thursday when the expected meltdowns began, but all in all far better than last year where the first meltdown occurred on the first full day. He even issued an apology without prompting which means he can now recognize when he’s gone OTT. This is a Big Deal. He has issues with satiety in regards to pleasure, but I will bring that up with the T next week.

Much mini-golf was played. I was far off of my game this year and didn’t win even one. Humph. Unbelievable!

Really good seafood everywhere except one place. Rusty Rudder in Dewey Beach – Avoid! Harpoon Hanna’s in Fenwick – Go! (We’ve been to HH before and will continue to go back.) Crabby Dick’s is always good, too.

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