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Sacred Wound

 (I don’t think it could get any more appropriate than this to describe the experience since I last posted an entry here.)   From Diana’s Grove: …………………….   I often discover that my reality has been wounded when I try to continue my old way of being. If I can’t go on as I was, […]

What if you do not own yourself?

 From Diana’s Grove: What if you don’’t own yourself? What if you don’’t belong to you? ………just for this year…. see whether the idea that you are a Steward of Yourself impacts your relationship to yourself.   To own: to possess, to have and hold property. To have command of….  To Steward: to be a […]

Pagan Tutorial – How to dismiss the Quarters of The Martyr Circle

 Earth – solid rock of foundation that produces stones to throw at my fellow man, I thank You for joining us this night in our circle, Hail and Farewell, Blessed Be   Air – who’s swift breezes of creativity bring succinct scoldings so easily to my lips, I thank You for joining us this night […]

What if you believed you were as worthy as Everyone Else?

 From Diana’s Grove: A cornerstone equal to and parallel with ““thinking well of the group”” is ““thinking well of yourself.”” What if for one year, in your interactions with this group, you were to build your relationships on the cornerstone that you are a worthwhile being in the process of becoming whole, and so is […]

Assume good intentions

 The title of this post was the first on a list Sunnyhill made when attempting heal a deep brokenness within the congregation. It is a foundational piece of my world view. I have been laughed at many times for it, rarely disappointed by it, occasionally screwed over because of it. It has served me well in […]

Reminders, choices; Choices, reminders

From Diana’s Grove: You might want to help me even if I am doing what I want to do and I need help. You might join me because you want to do this job with me and your choice is based on the work that we can do together rather than my state of being. […]