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Thank you for being you

It’s a phrase I use on occasion, "Thank you for being you," or some close variation of that. It sounds kind of cheesy and trite yet it is not. Good and kind people are not as few and far between as one might think if we judge only by the news we get fed on TV and the often spiteful anonymous folk who can clutter up comment threads online.

People who are good through to their bones are bit more rare. Part of finding them is being open to their existence and then being open to seeing them as a whole being. When you look at someone fully the good is obvious and rises to the top like cream.

I have been blessed with finding those who possess kind and generous spirits. I have been honored by their ability to allow those spirits to show, unafraid. I have been comforted by them, loved by them, inspired by them.

I understand how difficult it can be to "be who you truly are" in daily life. It requires a level of vulnerability that is too frequently shunned or attempted to be stomped out by a society that values shows of strength and independence over tender care or openness.

Being who you truly are requires an honest assessment of self and Self while beating back fear of judgement or censorship or withdrawal of love by others. It requires a thick enough skin to let the words of those who try to shape you into what you are not roll off of you while maintaning a thin enough skin to connect with those who will love you as you are and appreciate the Who of You. All of You. Even the not-so-pretty-nor-endearing parts.

It is tough stuff. It takes effort to maintain. It is so very worth it. I try to remember to tell people thank you for this effort. I try to notice and acknowledge and thank. It is important to be seen in our good because we are so very very fast to see and remember ourselves in our bad. Sometimes humans are so quick to point out faults, give advice, to "fix", while forgetting to state the things they adore about you. They think them. They think them a lot. They state them far less frequently.

I likely don’t state it nearly enough. But when I do say, "thank you for being you" know that I mean it. Know it is not some tossed off phrase that popped into my head randomly. Know that I saw the good that is you. Know that I understand what it takes to be so and know that I honor your effort. It means the world to me.

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One comment on “Thank you for being you

  1. Zon says that to me all the time “Thank you for being you.” I have no idea why.

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