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Mum update – never brief

She was moved to “transitional care” on Tuesday. In about 12 hours time it was decided, I had to choose the site and the group of doctors to follow her as she uses her pulmologist as her PC and that is not allowed inside medical institutions. Um, thanks for the time to research.

Update on Mum

Biopsy positive for cancer, no surprise, no type yet as that will take a few days and really, after the brain tumor I’m not necessarily expecting a type to be found. the spot for biopsy was mid-back as that vertebra was quite dark on the MRI. The biopsy increased the pain a great deal and […]

Update on Mum, not reading most of lj and barely email – apologies

The cancer is back with my mum, in her spine per the MRI. Oncologist says very treatable and radiation will get rid of the pain (which is pretty horrendous from the expressions in my mum’s face), but since it cropped up once it will crop up again. He said she’ll still be here for the […]

No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

Sodium very low, vicodin screwing with her brain, too, right hip so bad couldn’t get out of bed. Were at ER 1 week ago for said hip, only prescribed Vicodin, lots of incomplete and missed messages between her doc and her – more vicodin – bad combo. Ambulance took her after freind and neighbor checked […]