The Making of an Altar

The Making of an Altar

by Amoret BriarRose


“Honey –

you can’t just

put your coffee cup down

here anymore!!!”

About Amoret

Soothsayer, Oracle, Priestess

5 comments on “The Making of an Altar

  1. Bahaha! So many places coffee cups are no longer allowed!

  2. Unless it’s Loki’s altar, in which case He’ll go, “For me! So thoughtful. Be a love and go put some whiskey in it!”

  3. My husband definitely needs a Loki altar!

  4. This is the best. We have a Loki mini-fig as our car’s “co-pilot” and our lives have been topsy-turvy hilarious but good since. Maybe everyone needs a Loki altar…

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