The Making of an Altar

The Making of an Altar by Amoret BriarRose   “Honey – you can’t just put your coffee cup down here anymore!!!”

Missed the Window

I wanted to post this poem when the ginko leaves were falling en masse…but I missed the window. Still: Brazen Nature by Amoret BriarRose The ginkgo trees let loose their leaves all at once, a shower of squash yellow sunshine dusting the somber asphalt as well as the sheepish corner park, both blushing at the […]

Long Ago and Far Away…But Not Today

I’m working on a guest blog post for my lovely partner in crime Pamela V. Jones/Boneweaver, and it is bringing up all sorts of old, bygone emotions, leading me to wonder: How can we best honor our ancestor emotions? Today, I’m going to honor my ghosts by reading my favorite Mary Oliver poem, The Journey, aloud…even though […]

Morning Thought

You need no permission to love and be loved. You are breathing. It is enough. ~Amoret


 Some rights reserved by xsphotos cashmere morning mist dusted bronze haystack bathed in white light, liquid sky  Some rights reserved by Fungman white willow, woodsmoke bittersweet winter oak sighs gray earth, gray morning ~Amoret