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Monday blogging – your authentic self

Walking through the world as your True Self™ is exceedingly freeing. More so than probably any other individual act besides death. It is also at times deeply painful. And often lonely. What drives you can and will drive some people away. As for me, I am Boneweaver. BorderWalker. Fine at a distance. Up close and […]

PTSD, triggers, and deflection

An interesting thing happened on the way to the reply button on Facebook. It was synchronicity at its finest. An article popped up from Patheos about a noted Pagan who had been arrested on child pornography charges. He had moved away (physically and spiritually) from his earlier Pagan tradition, but the headline included “Pagan”. Now, anyone who […]

Some thoughts on initiation, and finding your initiators

Some thoughts on initiation, and finding your initiators

Don’t be deceived by personal presentation. Some will bite on the front end and you’ll never see the kindness coming. Some will bite on the back end; where you expect sympathy you will suddenly get steel. That is the way of it. Do not confuse softness with powerlessness, harshness with lack of solace. Do not […]

Monday blogging – fun fact

Energy work slows my bowels. Workshops and Witchcamps, my bowels conserve the necessary physical energy for the workings. I appreciate their consideration, but really? I’d rather they remain their normal self and allow me to regulate and manage my physical needs consciously. Since it appears that is a given with intense work I will compensate […]

The Vernal Equinox

  Maybe it’s because I was a Spring baby. Maybe it is simply how I love to smell the budding green around me that comes with the Spring rains. Whatever the reasons Spring to me is filled with Joy. It is potential, it is new growth, it is longer sunlight and it is birds in […]

Happy Ostara/Vernal Equinox/First Day of Spring

Tempus Vernum!

The Making of an Altar

The Making of an Altar by Amoret BriarRose   “Honey – you can’t just put your coffee cup down here anymore!!!”

Monday blogging: liminal space, sacred space

I may turn off comments for this one. I haven’t decided yet. I’m not up for endless arguments about how the Phelps family deserves to have their father’s funeral picketed and why it is okay. I got enough of that on FB, tyvm. Here’s my thing: I will not fuck around with the souls crossing […]

Monday blogging – Tai Chi and Feri

Tai Chi is all about about core energy. I am best at pulling energy through my feet because that’s how I learned it. And I move it through all of me, swirl it in my belly, snake it through legs and arms, stir it with my hands, and lift it through my crown. Tai Chi […]

Surrender vs. Let Go, Let Gods

So, I was all set to write today about the difference between the concepts of surrender and “let go, let Gods” in my personal practice. I had a great topic in mind (being a pagan and observing Lent) and was all excited to write about it and then, I was directly instructed to remain silent […]