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Surrender vs. Let Go, Let Gods

So, I was all set to write today about the difference between the concepts of surrender and “let go, let Gods” in my personal practice. I had a great topic in mind (being a pagan and observing Lent) and was all excited to write about it and then, I was directly instructed to remain silent about how I am observing Lent. Womp womp.

But that, my friends, is the best way I can explain the difference between surrender and “let go, let Gods” or, as I’m going to refer to it from here on out, LGLG.

(What follows is my personal understanding of a difference between these two concepts. I am sure that many out there do not see any difference. Your Mileage May Vary.)

LGLG is personally active. LGLG is choosing to go forth and do SOMETHING, knowing that there is no way to control how things will turn out. (Diana’s Grove had a great saying about this: Act with all your heart, and leave the outcome to the Gods.) There is personal investment in the action, and thus, the energy is personal – I am empowered, I act with all my heart, regardless of outcome. The Divine will handle the outcome.

Surrender is personally passive. Surrender is saying to the Divine “show me,” and then, when shown, doing as instructed. It’s getting marching orders that you may not like, but that you will follow. Transpersonal energy begets the action – I receive instruction, I trust, I act with all my heart, regardless of outcome. The Divine is the motivating force for the action, and also handles the outcome.

For me, it often comes down to this basic difference:

When I am invested in something and have a desired outcome in mind but know I have to turn the outcome over to the Gods? Let Go, Let Gods.

When I know something needs to be done, and I am hesitant scared shitless, but will do it anyway because that’s what I’m being told to do? Surrender.

Do you listen for your marching orders? Do you trust enough to follow?

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