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Power in Mystery

I recently signed up to take a sacred branding class using spirit animals, created and facilitated by the lovely Kelly Eckert. And to be honest, I was somewhat skeptical at first, as I was thinking “Business branding? With spirit animals?” And I know, I know, you all are probably like “You of all people are […]

Apparently I’ve been ignoring Water

 And Water decided enough is enough. First was the shower pouring water onto the bathroom floor. Then the toilet not shutting off. Next was the sink in the powder room overflowing to the point that it ran into the basement and over the fridge, splashing the surge protector, and soaking the floor. Finally, I ran […]

The Wisdom of Pattern

I really want to write something tonight, but I find myself at a loss, with no serious thoughts/observations of my own to share – though I will nudge you toward reading this amazing post by Danielle LaPorte on building a spiritual practice. (So good!) I suppose I do have this to say:  I am grateful for the pause. […]

Registration is OPEN for Spiralheart’s summer intensive!

  Witchcamp description and link for registration Camp Intention: We know we must shift or our world will die. Tough as the hummingbird, fierce as the dragon, we step into shadow and emerge with gold.  July 20-27, 2013Four Quarters Interfaith SanctuaryArtemas, PA What you can expect at campMornings are for Exploration. You’ll choose a path* to concentrate upon […]

How forgiveness has changed for me

Long ago and in a forum far away a friend and I used to go ’round and ’round about the nature of forgiveness and its uses. She was all, “Forgive all the peoples!” I was all, “RAWR! Bullshit!” That is of course an oversimplification of our stances. While I gave her the points that carrying […]

Another Skype meeting today – Reclaiming summer intensive

I missed the last one for OlderBoy’s birthday after I’d planned around it (unsuccessfully planned as it turned out). Today’s could be up to 3 hours long. I didn’t miss any sleep from daylight saving change, I just slept in, but 3 hours sounds long even for creating the story arc. The other meetings have […]

Diving is Not Falling

Sometimes the leap is all that’s left. So go ahead. Leap.

You can’t judge a book …..

by its cover they say (though trust me sometimes you can). I believe you can judge a book by its page trim. My book geek rule #1: If a book has a ruffled page edge it is a fantastic book! The words do not matter. Once they’ve been put on on pages that are uneven […]

Winter looks to be taking its toll on many of my friends

Posts here and on other blog sites plus disgruntled Facebook posts make it clear some of us have had it with winter! Snowfall has been I’m fairly sure near normal, but it has come so spread out it seems as if all it ever does is snow. Daffodil leaves shot up through the snow weeks […]

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