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Fair is fair; Kudos to Rep. Matt Smith, PA

Ten days ago I posted about PA House "non-controversial" Year of the Bible resolution. I copied and pasted the letter I sent to my state Senator thinking it would go to the Senate after having been passed by the state House. I received an email reply from a staffer that those things never came to the Senate and I should contact my House rep who voted "yay". I replied to the email thanking him for the information and assured him I had indeed sent a similar note to my rep. I thanked him for his reply and mentioned it was more than the Rep had done. *cough*

Never pass up a chance to snark? No, not that time, but I do vote and I do remember who listens (or at least pretends to listen) to their constituents. Plus we’ll keep in mind that I post A Lot of political commentary here and even moreso on Facebook. This topic I posted there, too, but locked it to local peeps. I’ve already updated that over there.

Tonight I received a phone call from my Rep Matt Smith. He explained the process of "non-controversial" resolutions, how they’re done and voted on and how this one slipped by him and his staffers. He apologized three times in the short phone call, said his vote was wrong on that bill and said he agreed with everything I had written in the email. So people – make noise, be heard. It does not always fall on deaf ears.

Did the state Senator tip off the House rep because of my email reply? Did the petition signing cause the phone call? Or my additional prose added to the petition? I don’t care which it was, really. We are not always heard, but if you do not speak up you have no chance of being heard.

His rep page is here.

*is pleased*

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