After Pantheacon 2011

I haven’t read it, I just d/l’ed it. It is available in free epub and pdf formats. I found it via the CUUPs facebook page.

It is essays from the people involved in and touched by the women only ritual at Pantheacon last year and the hard feelings that occurred during the handling of it and the aftermath.

Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism


From the back cover:

"The events at Pantheacon 2011 cause a storm that reverberated across the planet, with discussion on many websites and mailing lists, and even a mention in the UK’s Guardian newspaper.
This book was created in the hope of extending the debate and bringing it to a wider audience. We have included articles from people in both major camps, who have explained their positions powerfully and sincerely. This book is not an easy read — much of it will be painful, and there is probably no one in the wider pagan community who will not be offended by at least something in here. Articles have been edited only for grammar and typography — you will find honest words, entirely uncensored. This, however, is the point of the exercise.
When nothing is said, nothing will be heard, and nothing can change."

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4 comments on “After Pantheacon 2011

  1. It was a helluva row when the ritual leaders refused entrance to a transgendered woman to the “women only” rite. There were panel discussions in the next days at Pantheacon, but the remnants of the incident and all the associated feelings and trads rules and who gets to decide whom can attend restricted rituals and should there even be restricted rituals (one side claimed ‘safe space” another side claimed “not at a public event’) … Well, it was quite the mess.

    I am glad to see a fairly inclusive collection in one place. I was all around the ‘net last year trying to track it. And this publication is just in time for this years Pantheacon starting on Feb. 17th. o_O

  2. If they want to pick and choose, then they need to close their ritual and hold it someplace outside of a public forum…or hold 2, one open and one closed–and label them thusly–if they think mixing gender (and I’m assuming for arguement’s sake, they are speaking of closing rituals based on biological gender and not and trans or identified genders) will funk up their energy. I repeat. Holy. Crap. It’s all kumbaiya and holding hands until someone changes their gender identification.

    Last I checked, public is not private.

    Can’t we all just play nice. JEBUS! Meh, the Christians bicker amongst themselves, it doesn’t suprise me the Pagans do as well. BLERGH. But we, of all people, shouldn’t.

    I have no patience for this stuff anymore. O_o Which is why I stay out of the forums and off FB. I have too much stress in my life to borrow trouble right now. I was simply flabbergasted to read that kind of hooey happens in our Paths.

    Didja hear me say Holy. Crap.

    I’ll send a little extra Light and Love to the Universe in hopes someone will queue the choir and they get a clue.

  3. It is good to see with this anthology that the conversation is continuing and the issue is not considered done simply because we’ve reached the next Pantheacon. The coven that restricted their ritual as far as I know is still welcome, but they need to be more clear about who is welcome to attend. You can only get away with, “Info was left out of the program” once. Restrictive rituals are not uncommon there and this coven is known for being cisgendered females only for those who are aware of their niche.

    But – good read so far on the anthology.

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