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New Year. Well, yes and no

 I was going to do a 2011 recap and plot for 2012, but I keep writing parts of it in my head and then I write something else, and then …. blerg.

So, bullet points – yay!


  • big changes, small changes, lots of changes
  • no matter how I try to Be Done, childhood sexual abuse follows me everywhere, so I’ll just put on my big girl panties and continue to blog about it and reach out to those who need to hear what I’ve got to say, and Damnit – heal some more.
  • I became perfectly fine with the knowledge that not only will there always be broken parts of me, but that some people will remain upset that I am okay with it
  • religious pathworking took a hard turn and now we’ve hit some new trails. Excellent stuff.
  • Undoing the survival mechanisms of my youth is an ongoing process, to the grave I am told. Um – yay?
  • The undoing of the above has changed me and as I shift, so does everyone around me, as they must. Many good things have occurred, some losses have occurred. Happy and sad and yet I would not undo it as I’ve stopped living for other people and their expectations and am simply living as me, for me. This has taken some getting used to for others, but they’ve had time as this change started in October of 2010. :P~
  • the house remains a challenge, but progress is being made
  • OlderBoy got married and it was awesome!


  • Reclaiming/Feri classes start this month, a new adventure for Lora and I with good things on the horizon
  • Next step on my Path is coming, a culmination rather than a beginning and I am so ready for the energy exchange; I know the void it will be filling and I can almost feel the changes it will wreak. 
  • Art!! It is to be the year of Art! Which will become the life of art. *smile*
  • Diana’s Grove coursework 2012; laying the groundwork perhaps for a future endeavor.
  • Coven continues with Blessings that ripple outward and I can see flirt up and down other people, even people I never see
  • More this year of connecting, to all that which is Seen and Unseen, in this world and the Other
  • Mundane matters: continue the self-care work of last year, except doing it better than last year; continuing the lightening of this house’s ridiculous amassed load of *crap*
  • ~insert typical health, exercise, etc. resolutions that I’ll never even start and not feel one whit guilty about~

It’s been since February, I still miss my FIL. I still forget that I’m not going to see him and I think of something and *poof* there’s the hole with the remembrance. Some aspects to this whole birth/death/rebirth thing are pretty lame.

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