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Settling, settling, as Mysteries unfold

 Like a heavy yet familiar blanket Samhain has settled on me. Set to the side is the *bounce bounce bounce* energy of the last few weeks. One foot here and one foot there I shall remain for a bit. It continues to surprise me how well suited I am to this energy, this dark yet revealing time. Things seen, shown, and paths crossed, matched, and criss-crossed – hanging for an elongated minute that stretches to days. Shake the strings of the web and the ripples extend beyond my sight and beyond yours.

The ancestor altar, always present, beckons loudly now. Shadows deepen and voices whisper as internal and external switch places, back and forth and back and forth, sifting and drifting to settle ~ that eerie calm in the eye immune to the wind. That appears to be my word for now – settled. 

Wheels up, throttle back. Welcome, Samhain. Welcome.

And Happy New Year a few days early.

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