What if you believed you were as worthy as Everyone Else?

 From Diana’s Grove:

A cornerstone equal to and parallel with ““thinking well of the group”” is ““thinking well of yourself.”” What if for one year, in your interactions with this group, you were to build your relationships on the cornerstone that you are a worthwhile being in the process of becoming whole, and so is everyone else.

. . . . . What if we formed a community where our mistakes were never used as statements about what we innately are; about our intelligence, adaptability or true nature? What if all of our successes were just times when we fulfilled an intention, and they, too, weren’’t statements of our current value?

When your essential worth is not in question, then conversations can be about what happened, rather than about what we are. We may want to share our intentions or the process that led to our choices, but what if for one year, you never had to defend your essential worth to yourself? What if you could say yes when you wanted to and no when you wanted to? What if your worth was not dependent on giving anyone what they wanted, nor was it dependent on not asking anyone for anything that they are unwilling to give?
Yes, what if ……?

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2 comments on “What if you believed you were as worthy as Everyone Else?

  1. This is the “assume good intentions” with self, too. :P~

  2. Yes yes…

    …assume good intentions

    …and in harm none…blah blah blah

    ..this includes yourself….

    Rinse. Repeat. lol

    I try. Right now I’m battling a bout of stage fright that has come back to rear its ugly head. Yes. Me. The one who used to jump on stage in front of 2000 came unglued at a birthday party, singing for the very friends who are some of my biggest fans. No one could tell but me I was unglued…but dang.

    Fuck you, Voices.

    It’s a battle. Le’Sigh.

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