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I refuse to wear shoes

Winter annoys me. I am fairly certain I annoy Winter, too. We are not friends. We are not even cordial acquaintances. We sometimes, barely, nod at each in passing while breathing hate in each other’s direction hoping for a quick demise. Thus far every season Winter has won, but so have I because I Am Still Here, Damnit!

Today I was Done with Winter. I had had it up to here. See my hand up under my chin? Yes! To there! So today I refused to wear shoes. No biggie in the house. I hate shoes. Shoes are foot torture and if I must wear the damn things outside of the house I opt for BOOTS whenever possible. Seeing as how this is Pittsburgh I can get near NINE months out my many pairs of boots. 

I did not need to go anywhere today so I did not. Except to put the dog out a gazillion times. Bagel sized dogs have thimble sized bladders on the days it will Most Annoy Me. (Chiska aka Rebecca nicknamed her the "dog the size of a bagel" because she is a Yorkie. I and my family found this to be hilarious and have thus dubbed her "bagel dog".) Other days the bagel dog can be content inside for 6 or 8 hours with no potty time. Not so today. I confused her today with my no shoes thing. Each time we went to the front door she stopped short, looked at me then my feet then my shoes then back up to me. For a critter insisting on going out a gazillion times I would have thought she’d have figured it out. Nope. Even this last gazillionth time she stopped short and stared like I am nuts.

Perhaps I am. There is snow out there. It is a bit nippy. But Today I refuse to wear shoes, damnit! Where the bloody hell is Spring?

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One comment on “I refuse to wear shoes

  1. And I sit here sipping coffee and salivate as I ponder which pair of boots I will wear today. lol

    But I do agree with you–nekkid feet or leather up to my thigh.

    I have made peace with Winter. It greets me with a kiss and gentle blush upon my cheek. Ask me again at the end of February and perhaps I shall sing a different song.

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