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More thoughts and points to revisit (Shadow Work)

So … things were rolling along nicely after the trancework at coven last week. Yup, like a dam breaking such was the relief. I was a little bit rolled for the first couple of days afterward, then near giddy over the weekend through …. last night. I knew "giddy" was almost as much of a […]

LJ Book works with Dreamwidth, also!

Free back-up web program for backing up your blog. No charge, but if you can make a donation they will appreciate it. (Nope, not affiliated with them!) This entry was originally posted at Please comment here or there there using your LJ ID or OpenID.

Aaahhh … today is starting well. Physical therapy, strangers who are not, & other thinky thoughts

What a post title! PT always starts out excellently. There are these lovely heat things put on a table and around my neck and I lie on my back, the lights are turned out and the door pulled to. I ground and decide what energy play of the day I will choose. Often I run the Iron Pentacle. […]

Alphabet meme

Fun Browser meme, where you put in a letter of the alphabet in the address bar, and see what the top website is. (And if you play along, be nice; outing yourself is fine; outing other people by giving links to their kinks is not.) A: Shopping …B: bill ……C: Reality TV […]

Shadow work and tangential items

So … it’s a been a helluva start to the dark part of the year. And messy. With much tears, trembling, and finally the cleft beginning to heal. Good thing, too, as I’ve no clue how much longer I could have held out and retained some sense of sanity.