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Teaching day today

(The one person down/other person halfway up trance experience doesn’t mean the halfway up person does not go to, but it is more of along for the ride and as an observer and guide for glitches, bumps, prompts to speak, etc.)

The trance landed me in a place I had gone as part of a group of 3 in the Iron Pentacle workshop. The path I walked on to get there was different, but ended in the same spot. The trees, the large boulder at the end of the pathway, and the old Chinese man standing there. Who is the guy Pandora said was me, which still hits me wrong, but I don’t know if it *is* wrong or merely my resistance to the idea. (Take the “I’m an old chinese guy?” out of the equation and the resistance may simply be not believing I can learn anything *really* useful only from “myself” and yes, I get irony of that sentiment.)

So, in the first group trance the other two were talking near the guy (maybe to him, not sure) and there was a very large bird cage, and a bird, who IIRC was in the cage, but the door was open. They were all about the bird (nightingale), I was not. And oh yes, the dog (Rhys is his name) was there, too. I was bouncing around with the dog, playing really, unaware flitting here and there type of mindset and “the old Chinese guy” non-verbally asked me, “What are you here for? To learn. So stop and focus and learn.” After that trance I started being more diligent about my practice, and working harder on my homework. When I wanted to slack I saw this guy in my head and heard his admonition. And since yes – I really do want to learn, I listened.

So for today’s trance I landed in the same starting place as before. I recognized it immediately. When I turned to enter the trees and foliage area a path opened that was different than the last time, but I knew I was headed to the same place. I passed a small house (which turned out to be mine). Pandora made me turn around and go back to it – lol – when I was happy to pass it by. It was nothing spectacular, a mostly one room type of cabin with a kitchen area, a small round dining table and chairs. A vague idea of a couch in the front left, but I didn’t actually see it. A bed “not made” which makes sense because if I drag the cover halfway up when I get out it’s a good day. (Long story.)

A wood stove sat in front of small bricked archway in the wall that looked like it may have used as some type of old old old firepit style “oven” eons ago. I knew it was mine, or at least partly mine because I knew where everything was in the kitchen. A hummingbird briefly appeared, but Pandora brought that with her. Or, maybe that was my clue that I’d be going back to the spot of the other trance. I putzed around a bit, brought flowers in from the outside and vased (new word!) them on the dining table, and left. I had no desire to stick around as I was on a mission! I feel I will be back there at some point anyway.

Onward. At the rock with the OCG. He points me to a cave behind him and hands me a lantern. I saw the cave entrance the last time and regarded it merely as scenery. So in we go. Deep deep dark that the lantern barely pierced. Pandora asked what we doing and I said “Inching along”. She had me take another deep breath and bam there we were. Semi-large open cavern, light was orange to yellow, lots of shadows and stalactites, but nothing creepy. The single lantern lit it, but really the room was self-lit and some point the lantern was no longer in my hand. In the middle of the room were low chair rocks and a small low round rock table in the middle. The “floor” looked swept clean, even though the floor was dirt. The whole place looked swept clean.

She asked what I was supposed to do and I answered that part of me felt I should sit on a rock chair and part of me felt I should stand on the table. She suggested I try the standing on the table. I had a fleeting thought, “Am I supposed to dance?” as I stepped up. No, not dance. Immediately I was standing perfectly still arms stretched up overhead and channeling … energy. Massive amounts of energy. It entered through my “feet” red and exited through my “head” (hands) as pure white. Feet and head are in quotes because those are the corresponding points on my body, but my shape changed and I really looked more like a fluted vase. Or it was just the energy flow blotting out my body features.

The flow was enormous, different, yet familiar and though awe inspiring, I wasn’t afraid. And weird was the white color of it exiting me. The energy I work with personally, my own energy is blue. Not deep blue, but more like a fluorescent white with a blue overlay so very light, but definitely blue. It was swiftly started and then it ended – the red that was coming up dropped down out of me and the white that had been on its way out sucked back in. And I was big. Very big.  I have some thoughts about the colors and what they may mean. And about what the whole thing may mean, but I’m not ready to put those thoughts down and I may never post them even once I am sure.

Came out of trance, cold as usual and we chatted a bit about it. I was still shocked at the energy flow and colors and how big I was. I mentioned it. She replied, while looking across the room, “Oh yes, you are big.” Don’t think I didn’t notice she said *are* big instead of *were* big. Very unsettling in some respects would be an understatement, but that feeling came over the hours afterward. shortly afterward I was bouncybouncybouncy and full of joy. Ok, the joy is still there, but ….. yes, unsettling.
(It is late. If there are missing words or typos I’ll have to find them and fix them later.)

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