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Color immersion weeks

I just realized I didn’t finish my updates — GREEN was the final week! 

Green was the final week and it was lovely. It was an usually warm week for this area and leaf buds popped out, grass grew and daffodil leaves rose higher. Green was always calming and serene for me, since early childhood. It was the promise of Spring and the summer to come, but still low key and languishing before the frenzied busts of growth that accompany late Spring and early Summer energy. Green leads me into that energy at a lovely pace. Once I hit summer I hit the colors and the wild energy everywhere except in the deep woods where I could always find my low key green.

I used to go into the woods as a child, almost daily in the summer to find that peace to start my day. I do miss my woods. Luckily I’ve learned how to call up that solace with simply the color. This color week was refreshing and nostalgic, peaceful and full.

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