Random bits, religious work

Nice big “duh” moment for me today. After posting a little while back about energy flow and it not going through/out my head I continued to puzzle on it, but decided just “eh, go with what works for now.”

So this morning my routine (it is now a routine, yes) a chanting meditation, ground, center, pulling energy up circling it at my center, sending it through my arms to my hands and “played” with it for awhile. Then, just for difference I released it into the tabletop fountain on my altar. The part of the fountain that the water flows up through and out the top is shaped, in an abstract way, like a woman’s body. Suddenly – bam! – lightbulb. Change the flow of energy I pull up into the same frequency (?), consistency (?), whatever you call it, as water, and channel it like the fountain, up to the head, out the crown, gently skimming as it flows down, out, and away. Aaahhh …. so easy now.

Let’s see. Yemaya. Fountain, Seashells, West (my favorite quarter). Ocean, my favorite spot to be. Healing, the direction most of my herb and oil work takes. Hhhhhmmmmmmm …. who would have *thunk* to use water as the conduit for my blocked energy flow??  Hi, l’il clue by four, pleased to meet ya!

Ha! It is good to be humbled. It keeps me from getting all full of myself. 🙂

And now – off to work.

2 comments on “Random bits, religious work

  1. Don’t feel stupid when the pieces come together…be happy it’s come together. 😀 You know a shiny new thing. This is Goodness.

    • 🙂 I am happy. I love shiny new things! I didn’t really feel stupid, just “duh”, which I guess people take as just stupid, but to me it is stupid with a laugh. Wow, I am twisted. :P~

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