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Witchcamp – 2012 – Watersong

Brook and Watersong were the music path facilitators. Brook has had a couple of hit singles and is well known in the Reclaiming community. He’s been around for a long time and he is very centered and grounded. He loves to tell stories and use his experiences to demonstrate what has worked for him. He wants to be heard and he is and he is like a cute little puppy when he receives praise. (Which is truly an endearing thing to see.) He is brilliant on the acoustic guitar and can make it do things that it seems it should not be able to do. He has learned to drum fabulously and use the rhythm and music he makes to facilitate rituals in a mastered way. Brook is very obvious and upfront with showing his talents (as one would expect of someone who is accustomed to the stage) and it is all very natural and as much a part of him as his hands.


And then we have Watersong. Now, to get a feel for her do this: know that her name is Orion Watersong. Now, let that roll off of your tongue a few times. Lastly, close your eyes, roll her name off of your tongue one more time and allow the image to form in your mind of who she is that holds that name. Yup, that’s her.


She hangs back a bit, is more low key, but just oozes talent from every pore. To hear her clear sweet voice will have you fall in love instantly while the goosebumps chase up and down your arms. And she’ll have you believing that you can sound the same when you sing. She is subtle and powerful with a strength that shines through almost as clearly as her voice. She guards herself a bit, but hug her and the guard melts. Her talent is not limited to music. You should see how she paints. Plus she can paint on people! Squirming, talking, breathing people. The art she created on herself and on others was mindblowing. Below is a sample of her work. I admired a butterfly wing she had painted on one side of her face so she created this:


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