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Witchcamp – 2012 – pathworking

 Ritual Music Priestessing was the official name of my path. Last offering of it was called soundscaping which is also accurate. I hadn’t paid much attention to the description of the path as I was not going to take it as was mentioned in my first witchcamp post. Ha! We did discuss theory, but it was mostly practice. And it was mostly voice practice. There was some drum instruction and there were ample opportunities to use the drums and other instruments. Knowing me as I do I opted out of using the drums for our rhythm assignments. I knew if I used the drums I would also use them to hide behind and not use my voice unless forced. (Knowing one’s flaws is useful. Knowing one’s tendency to take the easy way and battling that is a bit harder.)

We called elements with sounds. We called elements with movements that others added the sound for. We did the same for invoking Gods. We cast circles with sound. We talked about directing energy in ritual and how that was not our job. Musicians in ritual can help raise and lower the energy, but the focus is in following the energy where it is going as opposed to directing it. Truthfully energy in ritual should go where it will and attempting to take it from the group and thrust your will upon it to go where you (personally) want it go is not conducive to good group ritual. Yes, there are keepers and directors, those who help keep the shape and the container and help it to escalate. Different tasks those are than directing it. Especially for musicians. So that was fun and fascinating.

Sound being used as a hook, as emphasis for certain parts in ritual. Feeling the energy of the rite as it unfolds and using the hook appropriately and in a timely manner, not by specific preset timing. I did this with a simple egg shaker during the Pearl Pentacle trance ritual. Plus I got to greatly improve my technique or staying halfway down in trance without bobbing up and down. Saweet!

Drum beats for trance were gone over, when you want a steady beat the whole time people are down. Our two doing that beat during the Pearl trance were great. That steady beat for 45 minutes is not an easy thing. They worked the rhythm to help pull people up at the end of trance. They helped weave the energy for the spiral dance at the end. 

Soundscaping is all sounds – breaths and clicks and snaps and claps. Voice in songs, chants, and tone. Drums and and shakers and tambourines. We had homework and we created chants for one of them. I used mine for anchoring the musicians in the underworld for the Persephone ritual. But toning I used the most because it fit the energy that night. However, the chant was good and has already been borrowed to be used at an intensive in CA for a different underworld Goddess. I am fairly good with words so it stands to reason I would be good with chants, also.

The woman who is borrowing my chant along with Brook for their intensive was amusing when I said, "He (Brook) told us to write a chant, so I did." Her: "He told you to write a chant and you wrote this," she said with dismay. Me: [confused look] "It was homework." (Meaning so of course I did it. Sometimes I forget words are not so easy for everyone.) Her reply: "I want to work with you." I was so chuffed by that. *grin*

To come home so sick for 2 weeks and have such a hurting scratchy throat was very very hard because I want to use the skills I’ve learned. I want to keep them fresh and improve them. I cannot wait to get all my strength back!

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