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Guest Post: Shills and Supporting Priestesses

Amoret BriarRose

Have you ever wanted to talk about something that you have experienced, but you don’t have the language to accurately describe it? Lately I have been thinking about the differences between shills and supporting priestesses in pagan ritual, and how those differences are really important. I think supporting priestesses are so important that their presence or absence can make or break a ritual…but I couldn’t find the words to say why I feel that way, or how a supporting priestess differs from a shill.

Thankfully, I have Elizabeth Wilson to help me. I met Elizabeth many years ago at Diana’s Grove, a community near St. Louis focused on community, leadership training and personal development; she continues this work with Expanding Inward, a team that creates, facilitates and celebrates opportunities to gather in a safe, supportive and healthy community context, encouraging deeply personal positive life transformation through Earth-based, ecstatic ritual.

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Limbs Like Veins Across the Sky

A little haiku for late February…

Amoret BriarRose

Winter Warmth

bare black limbs vein the
cotton clouded sky, kindling
for the cold burn of moonlight

© 2013 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved.

Image: Between the Branches…Fog by glasseyes viewsome rights reserved

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Magic Workers unite against Boko Haram!


This Saturday, February 13th, we are planning a SJWW (Social Justice Witches Working) against Boko Haram. If you are on Facebook the event page is here. Consider yourself invited, whether on Facebook or not, as this is a public event and as many folks as possible are asked to join for the oomph a collective can bring.



Invite your friends who would like to support this effort! This event is public. Details are below on the timing and bones of the working. I’ve added a poem I’m going to use (use as desired). I’ll be dressing candles with an herb and oil blend particular to the cause. I personally will be invoking Medusa’s unflinching gaze into the mix as i am working with Her this year. Add your comments, post your outlines, run with it!


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Hail Brigid! Join us for Imbolc – a Reclaiming Pittsburgh event!

Sponsored by Reclaiming Pittsburgh

Ritual Intention: I allow time to temper me in Brigid’s Forge; reborn in the light of the World.

12496295_10208058860179280_3311791737516337626_o (1)

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Join us in Brigid’s forge – Imbolc 2016

▶Ritual Intenion:
I allow time to temper me in Brighid’s Forge; reborn in the light of the World.

▶Suggested items for ritual:

✓ We will have many candles which will generate heat, please dress with that in mind.

✓ Bring a camp chair or cushion as on site seating is limited.

✓ We will have some food to facilitate grounding post-ritual. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring foods appropriate for your consumption.

✓ A Brigid altar will available. You are welcome to bring a small item for this altar if you wish.

✓ Bring a water bottle for drinking.

✓ ALSO bring a container of water for sharing a small amount of water that has special meaning to you. It can be from a local water source or from your travels. Even from your tap. THIS WATER WILL NOT BE CONSUMED. We will be combining these waters in ritual, and then sharing the whole as we each take some away with us.

✓ This list may be updated as we move closer to the ritual date. Please check back.

▶Reclaiming Pittsburgh offers open rituals to the greater community. All are welcome to come and co-create ritual with us as all levels of experience, from novice to long-timer, can participate. We are an inclusive community and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. The rental space for this ritual is not wheelchair accessible. Though attendance is free, we will be collecting donations to help defray the costs of this public space and to move to an accessible venue in the future. **No donation is too small.**


Public Samhain Ritual – Reclaiming Pittsburgh – Sat October 24th, 5-9 p.m.

REBLOG – Public Samhain Ritual – Pittsburgh Reclaiming


Event listing on Facebook


Come join us for a potluck dinner and ritual in this time of the thinning veil. Our Beloved Dead are close and come in love with messages for the living. Honour who you are and who you came from in ritual based on the Reclaiming tradition.

All levels of experience are welcome. We are inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Please bring a pot luck item to share.

You are welcome to bring a photo or item for your Ancestors to place on the shared altar.

After the potluck we will have a brief overview of Reclaiming and its particular style of ritual. We will discuss Samhain and its place on our ritual calendar. We’ll outline the logisitics of our ritual in “ritual conspiracy”, and then ritual will commence. We will have some time afterward for discussion if desired.

Come! Invite your friends!

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Another Bone & Briar weekend intensive October 10-11, 2015 in a private residence minutes south of Pittsburgh, PA!!

The Peacock God and His “terrible pride”! Joy and rightful pride together.

What if you and everyone else could be as big as they wished? What if we all took up as much as we wanted physically, aurically, and psychically yet all of us still fit in the room together? Knowing that the space others take up has nothing to do with us, is not a reflection on us. How might these things feel?

What does it mean “to love ourselves in all our parts” in everyday life?

Come explore the Feri God myth with Bone & Briar. A deity of wonder, delight, and unabashed pride.


Amoret BriarRose: Feri/Reclaiming initiate working in the traditions since 2000, Amoret partners with Boneweaver in Bone and Briar in Pittsburgh, PA. Amoret’s passions include community building, co-creation and manifestation, ecstatic ritual, divination and the poetry of life. She is experienced in leadership training, small group facilitation, tarot, trance techniques, and ritual arts. Amoret believes that transformation can be blissful if we surrender to the process. It is her privilege and calling to tempt seekers to their transformations.

Boneweaver: Boneweaver is a Reclaiming initiate and a Feri initiate of the Victor Anderson path through the Starhawk line. She partners with Amoret in Bone and Briar in Pittsburgh, PA. Boneweaver has been in a variety of leading and teaching roles within the Pittsburgh Pagan community for about a decade. She is an edgewalker and works the spaces of grace between life and death. Ritual arts, trance work, mentoring, and the arts as spiritual practice are of particular interest to her. She values a sense of humour and a sense of purpose in the pursuit of living authentically.


Boneweaver and Amoret BriarRose

Registration is open now. Fee is due by October 3rd, 2015.

WHERE: Pittsburgh area
WHEN: Saturday October 10 and Sunday October 11
COST: $150-$90, sliding scale.

Send REGISTRATION information (preferred name, preferred email address) to thewitches@boneandbriar.com
Send PAYMENT through the Donate button here.
Event sponsored by Reclaiming Pittsburgh.