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Join us in Brigid’s forge – Imbolc 2016

▶Ritual Intenion:
I allow time to temper me in Brighid’s Forge; reborn in the light of the World.

▶Suggested items for ritual:

✓ We will have many candles which will generate heat, please dress with that in mind.

✓ Bring a camp chair or cushion as on site seating is limited.

✓ We will have some food to facilitate grounding post-ritual. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring foods appropriate for your consumption.

✓ A Brigid altar will available. You are welcome to bring a small item for this altar if you wish.

✓ Bring a water bottle for drinking.

✓ ALSO bring a container of water for sharing a small amount of water that has special meaning to you. It can be from a local water source or from your travels. Even from your tap. THIS WATER WILL NOT BE CONSUMED. We will be combining these waters in ritual, and then sharing the whole as we each take some away with us.

✓ This list may be updated as we move closer to the ritual date. Please check back.

▶Reclaiming Pittsburgh offers open rituals to the greater community. All are welcome to come and co-create ritual with us as all levels of experience, from novice to long-timer, can participate. We are an inclusive community and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. The rental space for this ritual is not wheelchair accessible. Though attendance is free, we will be collecting donations to help defray the costs of this public space and to move to an accessible venue in the future. **No donation is too small.**

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