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I Rock At Failure

“I am not afraid to live with passion, and I am also not afraid to let things that don’t quite fit fall to the wayside.”

a m o r e t

I am pretty damn comfortable with failure.

I didn’t realize this was true until this past weekend, when my husband and I were listening to an audiobook on a trip out to Ohio. Brené Brown was discussing vulnerability and shame, and she said this about speaking at TED:

“TED is like the failure conference. No, it is. You know why this place is amazing? Because very few people here are afraid to fail. And no one who gets on the stage, so far that I’ve seen, has not failed. I’ve failed miserably, many times. I don’t think the world understands that because of shame.”

So this got me to thinking about some of my spectacular fails:

During undergrad, I was all primed to start grad school in clinical psychology, but when I realized that wasn’t going to make me happy, I walked away.

I got married (the first time.) That didn’t work out,

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