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Poetry in motion

And There I Went (Aspecting Death) And there I went, BlackHeart open leaking ebony, Nimue’s spark in the juices; There I ran, gashed arms, pink bright trust flowing from upturned wrists; There I sat, rushing red rivers of Death and Life thrusting through my core; There I spoke, painting words, brilliant Blue Fire ringing in […]

Camp (Monday Blogging)

So many things ….. but mostly what stands out at the moment (more things will as I have time to process) is how very clear Who I Am was illuminated. At my first Witchcamp I noticed a sharp dividing line in people based on how they run energy and which flavour of energy they ran. […]

Verbal Boneweaver is eff’n verbal (Monday blogging early because CAMP!)

Originally posted on LEAN IN TO JOY with BONEWEAVER:
On Tuesday I had reason and desire to connect my throat chakra to the element of Air. I wanted to release misunderstanding and engage clear communication through my speech. This worked really well and I was very pleased. However, I have been trying to disconnect my…